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on this blog you can find only black and white photos of Muse. i've found most of these pictures from google, or fanpop. none of these photos are mine, i just edit them into black and white images. sorry if i post some of the pictures twice. i try to avoid it, but it may happen. if you notice i've posted a photo twice, please let me know and give me the links to these photos.

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hey guys, looks who’s back :D (i actually added some pictures to the queue!!!!!!!)
i just wanted to say that i have a job now, and i don’t really have the time to blog so i hope you forgive me. 
also, IS ANY OF MY FOLLOWERS GOING TO SEE 30STM ON MARCH 20TH? :) let me know if you’re going :)

by the way i am sorry for abandoning this blog!!! i will try to fill in the queue again asap